transparanttransparanttransparantWho is

Fred Kienhuis is a musician, composer, writer, arranger, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, cyclist, singer, audio engineer, performer, studio-geek and amateur birdwatcher.

In 1979, at the age of fourteen, Fred made his debut as guitarist with a punkband (The Snipers). Since then he’s been on a musical journey through post-punk, new wave, garagerock, ska, rock&roll, rockabilly, pop, folk, glam, rock, country, blues, soul and reggae (with excursions to chansons, texmex, mariachi, heavy metal, schlagers, cajun, and more…). He’s equally at home in the studio as on stage. Fred loves every piece of gear that can be used to produce music, and that feeling is mutual.


transparanttransparantWhat does

Fred Kienhuis composes en produces music for commercials, tv (leaders and idents), theatre and film. He works in a studio with high quality digital and analog recording gear, and a great collection of musical instruments: guitars (lots of guitars), bassguitars, banjo, mandoline, garancho, dulcimer, ukelele, melodica, analoge synths and drumcomputers…

In his work he always aims for ‘the best of both worlds': art and commerce, hifi and lofi, retro and contemperary, rough and polished, etc. and so on…

Fred is also working on some other projects, news about them will be published later on this site.

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